Grip Kit Prep How-To Video


  • Install onto a clean degreased surface (may use rubbing alcohol to clean surface) IMPORTANT: apply above 50.F (10.C) and “DO NOT TOUCH THE ADHESIVE SURFACE” as this can reduce adherence.
  • Remove paper backing and press firmly working toward edges. “MAKE CERTAIN ALL EDGES ARE ADHERED” (…THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR A LONG-LASTING SERVICE!)
  • Place each pre-cut piece as indicated on original packaging (each magazine model has different places on where to apply). For “Tactical Purposes” you may choose all or only those pieces/strips necessary.
  • We recommend using a heat gun or hair dryer on the front spine panels to ensure proper adhesion. Just apply heat then again press the panel around the edges.

If installed correctly, they will stay put and won’t shift even after cleaning.


Mag Grips can be easily removed and replaced by hand. Once removed we do not recommend replacing or the use of any type of adhesive for new adherence. Instead and for what its worth we recommend purchasing a new set of Mag Grips.